Lush Valentine’s Day Must Haves

Any girl, who likes to soak in a tub after a long day, knows about Lush. Lush’s products are designed to allow you to have a spa experience at home. All of the products are designed to stimulate multiple senses, whether smell, touch, or sight it is bound to be a lushes experience. For Valentine’s Day every year, Lush introduces their seasonal products designed to help bring love into your life. Whether looking for a gift to pamper a special someone, pass on love to a family member or friend, or love yourself in a soaking tub, there is a Valentine’s Day treat from Lush that is perfect. Here are some of the current offerings from Lush, but if you find one you love, better stock up now, before they are gone.

Love Boat Bath Bomb

This bath bomb comes shaped like a boat, and makes a cute decoration for a spa like feel in your bathroom even before it hits the bath. When it hits the water of the bath, it begins to fill the tub with beautiful swirls of blue and pink, with lots of sparkle. The sweet scent of orange and lemon are reminiscent of orange sherbet. It is definitely a perfect gift from someone who needs to relax in a sweet smelling bath and enjoy a spa like experience. Or pair it with a romantic dinner at home, and draw up a luxurious bath for your Valentine with the Love Boat Bath Bomb for dessert.

Cherry-ish Body Scrub

This body scrub is not like a traditional body scrub. It does not come in a liquid or cream type format. Instead it looks very similar to the bath bombs made by Lush, but it does not melt as quickly as a bath bomb would. This sweet chocolate covered cherry scented scrub bar is shaped like a heart and features a pair of cherries on the front of it. It helps to exfoliate skin for the smoothest feeling skin possible. The presence of ground cherry stones and sea salt helps the scrub to magically transform even the driest skin. This is one of those season scrubs that we wished would be available all year long.


Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

As the name suggests, the Unicorn Horn bubble bar is shaped just like a unicorn horn, with a swirl of pink yellow and purple. Like the bath bombs, it is intended to be used for soaking in a bath; however, it is meant to be added while the water is filling and crumbled to then create not only a luxurious soak, but also relaxing smelling bubbles to soak in. The lavender scent is perfect for relaxing at the end of the day, and the presence of neroli oil is meant to help elevate the brain’s serotonin. And of course like all Lush bath products, you will emerge from the pink bath with exceptionally soft skin.

 Kiss Me Quick

This thin soap is also called a wash card. It is designed to be a soap used to clean the skin in a shower, while providing the scent of apples and mulling spices. The scent is warm and inviting, making it perfect for sharing a shower with that special someone on Valentine’s Day. The cute lip shape is fun, and it is also great to take on a weekend get away without taking up too much space in an overnight bag. And, with it being as thin as a credit card, it is the perfect gift to slip into a Valentine’s Day card for your sweetheart. Tisty Tosty

This bath bomb is a well known Valentine’s Day favorite from Lush. This year though, it was reinvented to be a pink heart instead of white, and features rose buds that float in the bathtub as the bomb begins to fizz and dissolve. The pink bubbles will fill the bath with the scent of jasmine and roses, and softens the skin, leaving you feeling luxurious. It is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift from Lush to share with a loved one and soak in a bath together. This bath bomb is also perfect for bringing on a weekend getaway together and for soaking together in a romantic spa soaking tub.