How Music Influenced Fashion in the 1920’s

There was a lot of changes on the scene for music in the 20’s which then went on to spill into the fashion world as well. Many of the fashions changed to become more sensible, but were often viewed as “to forward” by some circles in society. Even so, the changes in fashion continued to spread. Many of these same changes are still seen influencing fashion today like day dresses of the 1920’s.

The Rise of the Flapper

The 1920’s became well known for Jazz music and the Flapper fashion trend. The fashion trend not only featured shorter dresses, but also fringe or tassels that swayed with the dress as the person danced to Jazz music. Following the war, there was an economic boom, which helped to spread the growing music and fashion trend throughout the United States. In addition, the increase in an awareness of an American youth or young adult culture helped to create the perfect setting for these modern trends to spread like wildfire throughout major cities. And of course, the idea of engaging in dancing the Charleston by young Americans helped to increase the interest and entertainment of not only Jazz music but also comfortable evening attire.

 Awareness of Women’s Fashion

In the past, women’s fashion trends were more limited, and did not reflect an individual’s sense of style. Instead, it reflected the times and era the woman lived in, her social status, or the work she performed. Once the 1920’s hit though, there was an increasing awareness of the influence that women’s fashion could have on society. In addition, pop culture, in this case the development of Jazz music, began to also show a significant influence on the new types of fashion seen. The influence of women’s fashion throughout this era also leads to the growth of fashion magazines, like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. While these magazines may have been established prior to the 1920’s it was during this decade that they really began to take of and bring additional attention to women’s fashion trends.


Not Just American Fashion Trends

The development of women’s fashion was not only isolated to the American culture. The rest of the world was watching, and as Jazz music and changes in women’s fashion and fashion periodicals increased, the rest of the world also began to embrace the fashion trends of the roaring twenties. Some of the most common fashion trends included women wearing drop waist dresses, embellishments of fringe, beads, and wearing long pearl necklaces. In addition, women began moving towards hairstyles which were shorter than in the previous decades. Hairpins and headbands with elaborate beading or feathers were commonly seen worn by women. All of the trends went against any previous fashion trends worn by women in the past.


Influences Seen Today

There are still a number of different fashion trends from the roaring twenties that can be seen today. For instance, in the 20’s it was not uncommon for women to wear jewelry or dresses with fringe or tassels. In New York, during Fashion Week, there was also a trend of women adorning themselves with jewelry and clothing that had tassels and fringe. The difference though was they were more a single statement piece and not the entire garment being adorned with the embellishment like in the twenties. The loose fitting and comfortable style the 20’s introduced to women’s fashion has also continued to influence fashion today. This is not to say that everything in women’s fashion is designed specifically to be comfortable, but the silhouette of many of the finest pieces made today is such that it allows women the freedom to do the things they need to throughout the day. Lastly, many of the fashion trends of the 20’s could have been viewed as an act of rebellion against many things, not only in previous women’s fashion trends, but also in society. This same can be said of fashion today. There is a current trend to go against all other things fashion and society has established in an attempt to make a strong statement.

Music and Fashion

When looking at the 1920’s it is possible to see how the fashion on the Jazz scene rippled outward and influenced fashion the entire world. The same can also be said for today’s music. There are a number of different styles of music and artists with their own unique sense of style and fashion. As society has made different genres of music and fashion available and accessible through things like social media, internet, movies, and television, there has been an increase in the influences music may have of fashion worldwide. With the changes in technology, this is not something that is expected to slow down any time soon.