Halloween Makeup Tips that is sure to be a Hit

Whether you are looking to be the scariest ghoul, or a princess fairy at your next Halloween party, these makeup tips are guaranteed to make sure you are the fright of the party.

Start with a Base

When you apply any makeup, it is important to have a solid base to make sure everything else goes on smoothly and stays right where you want it. There is no reason to spend tons of money on halloween makeup that will make your skin breakout anyway. Instead use the same foundation you normally use. If you are wanting to go for a look of a ghost or a zombie and need your entire face to be pale looking, instead of using your regular base, grab one that is a couple of shades lighter from the local pharmacy. If your costume calls for face makeup that has a colored tinge to it, you can also use your regular foundation, but mix some colored eye makeup or blush into it. Just like your regular makeup, blend it on the back of your hand, and apply it with a makeup sponge to ensure it is even. Then set it with your regular translucent powder to make sure it stays in place.


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Get the Perfect Eyes

Like your regular makeup routine, the eyes can really make a statement. For the scariest night of the year, the eyes will also make or break your overall look. Do not shy away from color to really make a statement with your costume and focus on your eyes when you apply your makeup If you are looking to be a creature of death, opt for darker looking eyes. And do not forget to apply lots of mascara to make them look even darker. If you are going for more of a magical creature, opt for bright colors. But you still do not have to go and by special makeup. Use the bright colors you already have, or opt for the vibrant colors in your palette of eye shadow you have not really had the right outfit to wear it with.


Do Not Forget Blood

So princess fairies may not need fake blood, but no zombie costume would be complete without it. This may be one makeup product you want to buy for halloween, but if you are last minute simply make your own. And the best part is it is safe to use around kids who might be tempted to eat it. Simply thin some light corn syrup out with a little warm water, then add red food coloring to it. If you are looking for more of a darker red color, good old chocolate syrup is a great choice. If your fake blood needs to be thickened up, then slowly mix in some cornstarch into it till you get the right look you are wanting. Then just apply the fake blood to your makeup and let it dry. Some of the best ways to apply the fake blood is to use a cotton swab or a clean old makeup brush. These will both allow you to get some precision in placement making it look more realistic.

Makeup Is Not Just for the Face

Your halloween makeup does not have to stay just on the face. Also add your fake blood to other parts of your skin to make the costume look even more realistic. And if you are going for a zombie or other creature with an all white face, make sure to continue the makeup down past your face and onto your neck. This will make the look more realistic and more professional instead of looking amateurish. If your costume is a fairy this is also a great place to apply some extra shimmer. Applying a little shimmer powder to the shoulders and collarbone is a great way to get a little bit more sparkle and shine in your overall look. You can apply makeup to get best halloween nail design as well. After all of your makeup is applied, take the time to set everything with some translucent powder to keep things in place all night long. If your costume calls for your skin to be completely white, and your makeup is not as white as you would like it to be, consider setting it with some cornstarch or talc free baby powder. If you want to get expertise in Halloween mermaid makeup then you can check How to Totally Master Instagram's Halloween Mermaid Makeup